The Speedypicture 8 Kids Oval Program Society incorporated as a nonprofit society in January 2012. The Society seeks to ensure that the sport of speed skating is sufficiently accessible and affordable that it can be pursued by any interested child or youth residing in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

The Society aims especially to support speed skating opportunities for children, youth, and families from underserved groups.picture 9

The Speedy Kids Oval Program Society is a member organization of Speed Skate Nova Scotia and Speed Skating Canada. Our board members, coaches, and officials are dedicated volunteers.

Year End Party and AGM April 10th, Dixon Centre        6:00 to 7:30 

Skaters, parents, on and  off ice helpers: Come join us on April 10th at the Dixon Centre for a combination AGM and year end party.  Pizza and beverages will be provided.  Any contributions such as salads and deserts are appreciated.

There will be supervised games and activities for the kids.

The AGM is a time to celebrate another successful year and share ideas and questions about the organization.  We elect a president, vice-president, secretary-treasurer and up to 3 members-at-large.

Skaters aged 14 and older, associates (staff and volunteers who help on and off the ice), and parents of skaters under 14 years old are eligible to vote at the AGM and run for positions on the Board.

Board Member Duties

Generally speaking, all board members contribute to decisions and tasks throughout the year as needed and as they are able.

The president coordinates and leads the regular and board meetings and handles tasks during the year as needed.  He or she often acts as the external representative of the organization.

The vice-president fills in for the president as needed.

The secretary-treasurer maintains the financial records, including reports to the Registry of Joint Stock Corporation.

Members-at-large attend meetings and contribute their efforts to committees and activities.

Regardless of the position or level of involvement on the board, we welcome the ideas of board members and Speedy Kids Oval Program members as we fulfill several needs for the organization:

  • Publicity for activities and events
  • Fundraising
  • Registration of new members
  • Equipment repair and maintenance
  • Ongoing training for coaches, those who are becoming officials for races, and equipment volunteers

If you have experience in any of these areas or wish to learn more about what is needed to fulfill one of the Board roles, please talk to one of the Board members. You can contact us by email at speedykidsovalprogram@gmail.com.

Board of Directors, 2014-15

President                           Laura Channon

Vice-President                  Nicholas Williams

Secretary-Treasurer        Christine Buckley

Member-at-Large            Maartje Stroink

Member-at-Large            Hilary Rankin

Member-at-Large            David ‘Mookie’ Magloir

Member-at-Large            Lisa Gannett


Memorandum of Agreement and Bylaws

As amended April 7, 2014